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Gas mixtures


Gas mixtures

Kras d.o.o. offers a wide range of special gas mixtures that are produced on the basis of argon, nitrogen, synthetic air, carbon dioxide, hydrogen, helium and oxygen. The technology of production of special gases enables the production of various combinations in accordance with the needs of the client and specific activities, having in mind the compatibility of components.

Mixtures prepared in different proportions are used in the fields of new technologies (for example lasers), for instrument calibration and various research activities.


Gas Mixtures are used in many fields:

Special mixtures are used to calibrate laser devices or instruments, to ensure control of production processes, gas chromatography and atomic absorption.
Quality special mixtures are used for sterilization, as well as for chemical testing and storage of biological samples.
Metal processing industry
High quality mixtures are used for precise welding and purification of metals in metallurgical processes.
Electronic industry
Mixtures of pure gases are used to charge incandescent bulbs, to produce liquid detectors, toxic and flammable gases, and to produce lasers.
The food industry
For fruit ripening, slowing down the perishability of food, improving the characteristics of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages…

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