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Dry ice


Dry ice

Dry ice is the common name for solid carbon dioxide, which looks similar to water ice, but is much colder and has different properties. It is bacterially static, does not contain germs or bacteria, which is a common occurrence with water ice. It is widespread in space, and it does not occur naturally on Earth, but is produced artificially. It is white and odorless, non-toxic, and its temperature is -78.4◦C.

In the food industry, dry ice is used to cool food and beverages in catering, often in the form of large blocks, as well as for cooling during transport (meat, fish, fruits, vegetables and other foods). In the
form of granules, dry ice is used for cleaning (dry ice blasting – sandblasting all surfaces without damage). The granules are blown to the surface to clean dirt (grease, coatings) at high speed, which becomes hard and brittle due to cold and flaking.

It is also present in the entertainment industry (stage effects, pyramid champagne), medicine (transport of blood, blood plasma, organs and vaccines), wineries, industry (degreasing).


Advantages of dry ice:
– is environmentally friendly;
– no storage costs;
– no surface damage during cleaning;
– short period of plant downtime;
– no damage due to moisture…

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