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Fuel gases


Fuel gases

Most fuel gases are a mixture of hydrogen (H2) and other flammable gases.

Hydrogen itself can also be used as a fuel. Depending on the field of usage, different gases are used, because each burns differently. Decisive factors are the permanent heat, and thus the development of energy and the primary flame. The warmer the primary flame is the lower the calorific value is, in
most cases.

Acetylene – Acetylene is the hottest and most efficient of all fuel gases and is therefore suitable in a large number of industrial fields, but above all for welding and cutting metals. It provides a high level of productivity thanks to well-localized heating with a minimum of heat loss.
– Highest efficiency compared to other fuel gases;
– Unbeatable economy thanks to high flame output, and thus improved cutting quality;
– The speed of cutting and penetration is higher than any combination of fuel gas;
– The only fuel gas used for welding steel;
– Reducing oxygen consumption


What can acetylene do?
– Flame heating, flame grooving, welding, hardening, flame cleaning, flame straightening, thermal spraying, soldering, texturing, profile-cutting, marking of wooden pallets, wood aging, and carbon coating.
– Acetylene has many other less-known functions: It is used for the production of certain plastic materials and chemicals. It also plays a role in organic synthesis (laboratory work) and chemical synthesis. In growing plants it improves the formation of new flowers. It is also used as a carbon source in molecular production, in calibration gases for the gas, petroleum, and chemical industries, and gasses for testing.

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